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My windows defender just deleted this file because it says it contains Trojan:Win32/Empo.E!cl (more info:!cl&threatid=2147707824&enterprise=0)

I hadn't installed this game yet but now I'm somewhat worried if the game actually contained a virus (most likely unknowingly to the creators).

Hi there,

We can't find the problem on our side. Please try downloading it again and feel free to write us if the issue with Windows Defender continues. Sorry for any inconvenience!

This is indeed pretty strange, after re-downloading it, windows defender automatically deleted it again with the same message.
But after turning windows defender off, downloading it and then checking it manually, windows defender said the file was completely fine...

For now I'll keep an eye on it it but don't expect there to be anything wrong with it.

Thank you for the quick response!

Thank your for your time :)